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There are following methods, used for printing through the history of it:

Ionography (electrography)

Printing principle similar to the electrophotographic method, except that the electrostatic charge of the cylinder is changed by means of a stream of ions.


The image is created by means of a dense grid of electrical circuits arranged on a cylinder that produce magnetic fields. The ferromagnetic powder forms an image on the cylinder in magnetic fields.

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Elkography, thermography, ink-jet

Technology used in the most popular computer printers.

Digital printing on large format machines can be divided into two:

  • latex – water-based dye printing on low-cost office media without the use of solvents that reduce print quality. Immediate prints are sharp and ready to use, and most importantly protect the environment and human health,
  • solvent – printing with weathexanol dissolved dyes, weather-resistant. This allows prints to be exposed externally for many years. Cyclohexanol is a toxic alcohol with an irritating effect and therefore these machines are characterized by high environmental nuisance.


So called soft solvent, paints with reduced solvent content are used.


It Is ink printing based on e. g. o lactic acid. It is characterized by higher resolution than hard printing, less harmful to the environment but lower durability to external conditions.

Pigment – is it good for cardboard boxes?

It is printing with pigmented ink in which particles of solid particles are suspended in a solvent, – water with the addition of ethyl glycol. It is characterized by relatively good resistance to physical conditions (water, UV), but due to relatively large droplets it is difficult to achieve high resolutions.

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The most commonly used type of paint in which the dye is dissolved in water or another substance. It is very cheap but the least durable. It is easy to rinse off with printed surfaces, is not resistant to UV radiation. Printing virtually always requires foiling.


UV hardened ink printing. It is characterized by high colour fastness, but poor mechanical durability – printing is applied on the surface. UV carcasses are similarly harmful as midsolvent and are not suitable for use e. g. in the United States. in apartments. Their advantage is that they can be printed in white and/or lacquer.

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